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The QuickFix Mechanics team use only the best brands and genuine parts, meaning you’ll be back on the road and running smoothly in no time.

We can help you with a wide variety of mechanical needs including, but not limited to:

We offer a high standard of work, but also understand that cost is a big factor for our all our customers. Ensuring ongoing maintenance with trusted and experienced mechanics is important for the lifespan of your car and essentially saves you time and money. That is why we are always open and clear about what work needs to be carried out, to ensure it is roadworthy and exactly what it will cost you. 

Understanding our customer’s needs and ensuring their safety is our top priority and this is why we also outline what work should be done now and what can be held off for your next visit so we can get you back on the road sooner.   

Our competitive rates mean that we are able to offer you the best and most affordable quote each and every time, helping you keep to your budget and avoid financial stress and overspending!

We appreciate that our customers may not always understand exactly what is needed for their car or what may be going wrong with it in technical terms. Our job is to listen to you, and diagnose the issue keeping you up to date without the jargon so you are clearly informed throughout the entire process. 

Your time is valuable and it is important that you can have all of your cars needs taken care of in the one place to save the run around. That is why we offer a comprehensive service to suit all of your needs.

For more information or to book your car in with us, give us a call today!